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AK-AR MAKİNA VE METAL SANAYİ TİC. LTD. ŞTİ. It aims to provide service by perceiving the quality expectations and demands of its customers in the best way and to work by continuously improving its processes in this direction. It has adopted the following items as a quality policy and undertakes to fulfill the necessary conditions for the application of these articles:


  • To work with an understanding that respects the environment, considering all the risks that may occur,

  • To keep customer satisfaction at the highest level by producing quality, reliable and at the desired time,

  • To ensure the effective implementation and execution of our management system, which aims at continuous improvement,

  • To develop efficient working methods by using technological developments,

  • To create a peaceful and effective working system and environment where all our stakeholders and the parties contribute to each other,

  • To ensure the formation of a participatory and pluralistic management approach and to encourage leadership and the participation of our employees in all our processes for this purpose, to ensure that the necessary trainings are received.

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